About us

Our research- and development – oriented startup transforms the ideas from today into the products of tomorrow.

The headquarters of our company are located in the heart of Transylvania, in Cluj / Kolozsvár / Klausenburg, and we cooperate with several European companies and university research groups. We create innovations that make our lives better and easier.


We are looking for investors to upscale and diversify our production.

We intend to move our food industry production plant to the countryside.


Find out more about our innovations!
Here you will find only a brief description of them. For more information, see the products’ own pages.

More than half of the sedentary workers will sooner or later experience low back, or neck pain. While sitting, the most damaging to our health is if we get stuck in a certain position for more than half an hour.

Our innovation offers a solution for this problem.

On ERGOVI ergonomic chair you can sit in saddle, half-kneeling and in several other postures, in addition to the traditional one. The chair can be moved from one position to another in seconds.

The European population consumes only half of the recommended daily intake of dietary fibers. This is one of the reasons why obesity, diabetes, and constipation reached almost epidemic dimensions.

Meanwhile, companies manufacturing juices or vegetable oils discard the pomace that is rich in dietary fibers.

Our unique technology enables us to upcycle valuable apple, carrot, beetroot, hemp pomace and oat bran, resulting in FiberVia, a tasty snack with outstandingly high (35%) fiber content.



JuuTee is a 100% natural energy drink with unique flavors. It consists of freshly pressed apple and beetroot juice, and a black tea – green tea – guarana extract. The juice provides the necessary energy, while the tea – guarana extract the caffeine.



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